Thursday, August 17, 2006

Great way to start my day!

So although I've been telling myself all week that I should write, then check my email, I checked my email first. And discovered the happy news that my book HERS TO COMMAND is nominated for a Reviewers Choice award at Single Whooooo hoooo! What makes this especially gratifying is that HERS TO COMMAND was such a BEAR to write. I had my first (and please, hopefully last!) full blown case of writer's block with that book.

I wrote the first 100 or so pages, and came to a wall. So I went back and revised, wrote a couple more pages and...nada. Revised again. Nuthin' This went on for a couple of weeks, but that was a couple of weeks too long!

I finally just forced myself to keep writing and NOT GO BACK. That worked. And I was pleased with the final book, and learned I can get through a block.

So, okay, here am I, all excited. And man oh man, it's like when I made the USA Today Bestseller list. NOBODY'S HOME! And the husband's not even in town. My editor isn't in the office. Neither is my agent.

The cats are looking at me strangely. I know they're thinking, "That woman who feeds us? Insane!" Not only am I currently grinning like a mad thing, yesterday my mom sent me a birthday card and when I opened it, this butterfly thing flew out. I screamed. And I was alone save for the kitties. Yep, they're thinking. Crazy.

Ah, but who cares! I got nominated for an award!!! Let the partying begin! Which means I will eat whatever the heck I want today, calories be damned! (Oh, such a wild life I lead!)


Sinead M said...

Congrats and well deserved!!!!

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Sinead!

Maureen McGowan said...

Congratulations Margaret!!!!
Here's some champagne! An chocolate... and whatever else you'd like!

Molly O'Keefe said...

What thrill!!! Great book - well-deserved. I do believe my water broke at the signing for that - that's one lucky book!!

Margaret Moore said...

Yes, indeedy, Molly! That was the one! Thanks, all, for the good wishes. They're much appreciated.

Dixie Belle said...

Congratulations. Would you believe I just got a copy I ordered from Amazon in the mail this week. I'm glad it did so well and I'm looking forward to reading it.