Monday, June 05, 2006

To read an excerpt...

I spent a couple of hours on the weekend posting an excerpt for my next book, HERS TO DESIRE, on my site. It took me longer than usual because aside from the usual coding to be added, I discovered I was using a pre-revision version, so I had several changes to make. But I got it done and all the links work. You can read it here.

I had such a blast with that couple. I've "worked with" Bea and Ranulf before (they were in the two previous books), so it was a pleasure to get them together at last. Plus, I just loved Bea. She's a "Chatty Cathy" (probably dating myself with that reference!) and I'm not exactly reticent myself, so it was a lot of fun to write her dialogue. And then poor Ranulf! So hopelessly in love, so determined to pretend he's not!

As I was working on the except, it struck me that this book has a tone more in keeping with my lighter Regency books. Not that serious things don't happen, but certainly in the beginning, there's a slightly different "feel" to the story. I blame -- or credit -- bubbly Lady Bea.

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