Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Baroness is my fashion role model...

My son is graduating from university this week, and I subsequently realized I have nothing to wear. This is what happens when you're self-employed and don't have clients to meet. My usual fashion choices run from casual to dress casual, and don't include dresses or skirts. But I thought a skirt would be in order for that function. So I went back into the depths of my closet (it's not a walk-in, so it's a short trip) and found a skirt that I bought probably about the time my son was in Grade Two.

It's a simple, navy blue skirt, not quite ankle length but longer than mid-calf, light for summer, doesn't wrinkle and best of all, it fits! Whoo hooo! Problem solved.

Which brings me to the Baroness in The Sound of Music. Every time I watch that movie, I am moved to comment on her clothes and how she could wear them TODAY and nobody would bat an eye. They are Classic. I particularly like that red velvet number and the skirt/blouse combo during the puppet show. I'm thinking my blue skirt is a classic, too.

To think I share anything in common with the Baroness, even if it's only in my own mind, is a kinda kick. To be sure, she had the makings of a nasty stepmother, and she was pretty darn manipulative, but she showed grace under pressure when she "broke up" with the Captain, so as villains go, I think she's great. And she sure knew how to dress!

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