Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ya know, I really hate doing advertising...

There are some kinds of PR I don't mind (writing articles for our chapter newsletter) and some I enjoy (giving workshops), but preparing an ad for print? ARGH. I've just spent two hours I would much rather have used working on my book writing ad text and trying (unsuccessfully) to pay for the dang thing by PayPal. I finally resorted to contacting PayPal by email. We'll see how that works out. Frustrating? Oh, you betcha!

Now I'm about to do a little business for the tax man. I was up at 5:30 this morning after another terrible night, so I decided to tackle some of the "bits of business" that have been pestering the outer reaches of my gray matter. The ad -- don't miss the deadline! The tax thing -- don't miss the deadline! My garden plan -- need it for tonight! And I still have to finish making the two-sided copy of the proofs for HERS TO DESIRE so I can take it to Staples to get more copies to send to reviewers, and that also means cover letters, preparing the packages and taking them to the Post Office. I'm trying to persuade Daughter to do the copying (for pay!), but I'm also trying to get Daughter to read the latest draft of my book. If she's only got time for one thing, it ain't gonna be the copying!

I'm stressed enough that I'm seriously considering not going to the last two design classes (there are only four). Talk about a waste of $, but if I get any more stressed regarding time, sitting in a room listening to other people talk about their garden? Optional. I probably should have gone to a gardening center and paid a designer. Probably would have been cheaper if I wind up cutting class. Ah well.

(One thing I won't give up? The Amazing Race. Even though I'm not terribly anxious about the outcome this time, since it seems a fairly done deal. It's family viewing around here.)

Tomorrow, I have to be up bright and early for the plumber. He's coming at 8 a.m.(!!) Yep, my life is just non-stop glamor!

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