Saturday, April 01, 2006

No foolin'!

I tried to think of some clever "April Fool's" thing to post here, like, I just sold a romantic suspense (probably the last thing I'd ever write), until it occurred to me that somebody might think I was serious and tell other people and then it'd be all over the web so...never mind.

In real news, I think I have wrestled Chapter One into shape, and am now about to head on to Chapter Two. I thought I'd trimmed about seven pages but discovered, to my surprise, I'd actually...added one. How on earth did that happen? Well, I had to specify (name and briefly describe) some previously vague characters who didn't appear until about half way through the first draft, but other than that? No idea.

Not that I'm worried. Since I have such a long first draft, I won't concern myself with page count until about, oh, the fifth draft. Usually I write "short" so tend to fear I'm going to wind up with the World's Shortest Historical, and that would not be good. Not this time. *G*

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