Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Today a hodge podge of miscellaneous thoughts, beginning with, is that how you spell "potpourri?" And "miscellaneous?" 'Cause with the spelling, I have many doubts.

No Amazing Race last night. It's on tonight, when I'm at my garden design class. (Dare I reveal that my basic approach to gardening is "survival of the fittest"?) What is up with moving shows all over the schedule? GEEZ! That's annoying. Thank goodness we have a VCR.

Also annoying -- they keep showing the same dang commercials during my lunch hour viewing of Stargate SG-1. "Give me a song, and I'll sing it. The right meter, and I'll use it," says some singer I've never heard of. AAAAAAHHHHHH!

Still working on Chapters One and Two. Well, I think I've got Chapter One in good shape. Chapter Two? Not so much. The first chapters are such a tricky dance between revealing enough to make the characters interesting and create suspense without revealing too much, and keeping the pace brisk. And then I'm also trying to introduce the major players and describe the setting and ARGH. It's hard. (How's that for profound??)

I'm also trying to do a little PR business, which takes time. And of course, there's laundry and cooking, although we had "every man for himself" dinner last night and will do so again this evening, what with one working, me "designing," Hubby at a meeting and Son...well, he'll be basking in the odd sensation of having completed his last homework assignment ever, unless he decides to go back to school after working for a few years.

I'm still on the look out for Mr. Bun-bun -- a rabbit we've had visiting our backyard for two years now. No sightings yet, but we did have the fattest robin I've ever seen in my life. Why that bird didn't topple over, I don't know.

Such are the ruminations of a writer on an April morning while, ahem, procrastinating. But not for long, because...deadline!

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