Sunday, April 02, 2006

Why April 2 is a Very Special Day

It was fifteen (!!) years ago today that I got "the call" from Tracy Farrell offering to buy my first book, A WARRIOR'S HEART. Let me tell ya, that's the sort of day you don't forget! It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and I'd spent the afternoon volunteering in my daughter's class. I suspect Tracy had tried to call me earlier, but -- wouldn't you know it? -- I wasn't there, and this was well before we had call answering, call waiting or any of that other newfangled technology. Tracy and I still work together, and as I mentioned to her not too long ago, that's longer than many a marriage these days! My son recorded the event in his journal at school the next day. He's about to graduate from university with a Bachelor of Science degree,and I'm happy to report that his spelling has definitely improved.

It's also the birthday of our "little cat," who used to also be called "the baby" until we got the new kittens. Now Eeky is the "dowager" cat; she's thirteen today.

In writing news, I have managed to add ten pages to the Manuscript That Ate New York. I knew I'd be adding a lot to the beginning because of later developments, so I'm not panicking. I'll get it down to the approximate word count eventually. After all, I don't want Tracy Farrell muttering darkly and asking herself what she was thinking fifteen years ago.

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