Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just a, not that kind...

Once more, the best laid plans... The plumber (The Amazing Tony) arrived to clear our drain, which means I'm back in the laundry business. I had it all worked out that I'd have a load of socks to match during Survivor, so I wouldn't actually be wasting time while watching TV. But alas, the husband slipped in a load of towels on me. Not that I'm complaining, really. It's taken me twenty-six years to get him doing laundry. And yes, if I had it to do over again? I would have had him doing laundry on our honeymoon.

And then -- surprise! My agent sold one of my Avon books to Germany, so I got bonus bucks today, which meant I had a check to take to the bank, so I made a post office box run, too. And what did I do to celebrate said sale? I got a chocolate bar. Oh, the wildness of me!

Now off to wrestle with another chapter before I, um, find something to do while watching Survivor. Does whining about the work-in-progress count?

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