Saturday, April 22, 2006

The end of the slash and burn?

Well, I've cut about 75 pages out of the Manuscript That Ate New York. As painful as it sounds, it was like liposuction -- getting rid of unnecessary flab. I had one really wacky plot development, one of those "what was I thinking when I came up with that?" sort of bits. Gone. I've rearranged some more, too. I still have a few more chapters to revise but I think (make that hope, hope hope!) the worst is over in terms of cutting and revising. Of course, I've thought that before only to discover, um, nope.

In other news, I see the DVD of Casanova, staring Heath Ledger, will be out on Tuesday. I really enjoyed this, so we'll be adding it to our library. To be honest, I went with pretty low expectations, and some real concern as to how they'd handle the whole commitment thing, what with Casanova not being noted for that, but they pulled it off.

Now off to print up the latest revised chapters. No way I'm reading them tonight. My brain is pretty much fried.

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