Sunday, November 20, 2005

Witness Protection

I was taking a break from the work-in-progress and as is my wont, watched Sell This House. Then I "went around the horn" as we say, meaning flipping through the channels via remote control to see what else was on. In our house, the remote control for the TV/VCR/DVD is referred to as "the conch," as in The Lord of the Flies, and "who's got the conch?" My kids used to get some weird looks went they went to their friend's house and asked for the conch.

Anyway, I'm flipping and hit the movie "Witness" with Harrison Ford. I like that movie, and although it doesn't end like a romance, I'm content with the ending, because the late Alexander Godunov is walking -- and WHAT a walk! -- toward the heroine's farm. As compensations go, not too shabby. And about that walk -- ballet training sure makes for a great amble. Ditto the end of Billy Elliot when the grown-up Billy is about to go on stage. The way that man's shoulders move! In my mind, all my heroes walk with that lithe grace.

But then there's that horrible scene in the silo in Witness. My grandparents used to have a farm, and Grandpa stored grain in what had been the stalls for the horses. We were always told never to play in the grain. We did anyway, because it was like a sandbox. And I could never really figure out why not, until I saw Witness. My word -- you can DROWN in grain! I had no idea. That scene still creeps me out. I suspect it always will.

But then, there's Alexander Godunov. And young Viggo Mortensen. And the delightful Jan Rubes. I just close my eyes for the bit in the silo and enjoy the rest.

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