Thursday, November 17, 2005

Go, Marcela!

I am such a sucker for reality TV. I knew things were getting bad when I was discussing The Apprentice with my daughter and referred to "the Donald" as "Mr. Trump." And how many other people do you know use their love of The Amazing Race as an excuse to go to New York so they can hang out in a sports bar to watch the finale with other fans? Yep, that's me -- although I also have the excuse of being able to meet my editors and agent in New York, and in a much less stressful environment than an RWA conference.

So, perhaps needless to say, I watch The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Apart from marvelling at the apparent redemption arc they're giving the man known at Television Without Pity as "Hateful Jim," I was tickled to watch Marcela demonstrate how one "wins" a job interview (by saying exactly what she can do for the company) and to see Amanda "lose" it by floundering around and talking only about herself until she wound up basically telling one of the most perfectionist people in NA that she wants to make Martha Stewart's company "less perfect." Oh, dear.

However, before I can watch Survivor tonight, I must write a love scene. I know there are plenty of romance writers who live to write love scenes. Alas, I am not one of them. To me, they are the most difficult of all. You've got to write about two people at their most intimate, and still do everything else any scene is supposed to do. For me, that's not easy. On the other hand, I think I wrote one of my better lead-ins to a love scene this afternoon, so...could be worse. A lot worse. On to the bedchamber!

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