Saturday, November 19, 2005

Love scene complete! On to battle!

I finally got my love scene finished. Sheesh, they take me a looong time to write. Well, longer than most other scenes. Fortunately, though, they don't tend to require much revision. I think that's because there's a natural build to a climax, both physically (no kidding, eh?) and emotionally. In other scenes, I can go off track and not have a good arc to the scene. Or to put it another way, sometimes the scene climaxes too quickly, or early. And that ain't good.

I've also finished the apres love-making scene, the confrontation between the heroine and her maidservant who hates the hero (although I suspect I'll be doing a lot of revising to that scene -- there's been another confrontation between those two characters regarding Ranulf, and I'll probably wind up taking out the earlier one, or cutting it down a lot and moving most of it to the later scene where it'll have more impact). I've done a new scene with the Pirate King (as I think of this nasty piece of work) and I've left my hero inching along a narrow ledge on the rocky coast of Cornwall. There's still lots more to write, but I'm definitely at the end of the middle. Whew! Middles are TOUGH. Espcially if I've got a love scene or two in there.

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