Friday, November 25, 2005

P and P, it's the place to be!

We have a song at our house for Pride and Prejudice, created after multiple viewings of the BBC version. To the tune of "This Old Man," it goes thusly:

P and P
P and P
P and P is the place to be,
With the Ben-nets
And Mr. Dar-ar-cy,
Let's all go watch P and P!

(Why, yes, we're a little wacky. Why do you ask?)

Today, we're finally off to the new version. Now, I know Kiera Knightly's hot at the moment, but I must ask, in a general sort of way, of the marketing gurus: why are they not showing more of the men in the ads? I think Hollywood marketing goes for the visual appeal, and they have to know their audience is going to be primarily women, so why show her so much? Show me the fellas!

And I don't just mean the guy playing Mr. Darcy. In the clips and trailers I've seen, it looks as if somebody has finally realized that Mr. Wickham should be drop-dead, matinee idol gorgeous. That's how he cons people, and not just women, into believing his stories. I've often wondered if the casting directors thought Mr. Darcy simply HAD to be the more good-looking of the two. They just couldn't seem to get it wasn't Mr. Darcy's looks that were the basis of his appeal, although he's certainly no dog. It's the things he does, and that's why Elizabeth falls for him.

Whatever they're thinking, it's Pride and Prejudice, and we'll be there at last.

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