Thursday, June 04, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - a day early

I'm going to be out of town tomorrow morning, so I'm posting my Weight Loss Challenge stats today.

Alas! I shouldn't have baked cookies the day before our anniversary and subsequent dinner out and chocolate extravaganza because while I was down to 133.4 on Tuesday, today I'm at 135.2. That's frustrating, but I have only myself (and cookies and chocolate) to blame. I did exercise, but not as much yesterday as I should have, because of a joint that started to ache. I didn't want to push it.

This week's step/treadmill tally:
May 29 - 10,218 steps
May 30 - 3,462 but I did a lot of gardening/weed pulling
May 31 - 13,298
June 1 - 12,793
June 2 - 14,753
June 3 - 1/2 hr. on TM, also plenty of walking because I wandered around a plaza while the cat was getting tests done at the vets to make sure the meds had done their job, but I didn't have my pedometer on.

I may not get much walking done Friday or Sat., but hopefully I won't be scarfing down so many cookies and so much chocolate, either!

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