Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A place to work

I'm having a wedding tea in July, as well as hosting the wedding rehearsal dinner, so I decided to channel my inner Suzy Homemaker in preparation. I've been hemming table linens as well as doing a couple of other projects for the house (like painting a side table and making a cushion for the bench in the hall). So I've been doing more sewing than I've done in quite a while. I also like to watch TV while I sew (which I don't do when I'm working), so I moved the desk before I set up the sewing machine, and put my laptop away. Because we were having company for dinner yesterday, I put away the sewing and moved the desk back to its usual place. Today, I'll be doing more sewing than computing, so I'm moving the desk and setting the sewing machine back up.

I've been reminded how much more I can get done if I can leave my equipment in one place, be it sewing machine or laptop. That's something I would seriously aim for if I were a fledgling writer - a consistent place to work, even if it's just a corner of a room on a card table. Having that space makes it easier to get to the work and so more likely that you will. It's much easier to get distracted by other things if you're constantly having to set up your work space.


Leah Braemel said...

I used to have my own sewing room where I could leave everything set up. Sheer heaven.

Wonder if it's the time of year because I dragged out an embroidery project that I haven't touched in months.

You're going to put up pictures of the finished products, right? Right?

Margaret Moore said...

I'm taking pictures of the cushion in progress, "aided" by the cat. Will post when complete!