Friday, June 26, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - added incentive

I'm still hovering around 134 pounds, but I'm not surprised. I got the hubby ice cream and chocolate sauce for Father's Day, and I've been baking. Of course, those cupcakes that are mutants (didn't turn out quite round or whatever) are immediately consumed.

That's not my added incentive to keep up the walking and treadmilling, though.

It's the clothes.

I lost most of the weight over the fall, winter and cool, wet spring, wearing pretty much the same clothes throughout. Recently, though, as the weather's finally turned hot, I'm getting out clothes I haven't worn since last summer. The difference in fit and appearance has been a real eye opener.

Many of the pants are simply too loose to wear at all. And everything looks better when you're thinner in the middle. I've had some wardrobe crises as a result (last minute dash for dress pants for one event, still lack a decent pair of black dress pants in summer weight), but that's a problem I'm glad to have.

This weekend, I'll be out of town on wedding-related business, so I don't expect to get much exercise. Well, maybe Saturday, as we (hopefully) wander around farmer's markets. Next week, the only ice cream product in the house will be one I don't like, so that's one temptation removed. I still have baking to do, though, and I'm anxious to try the Butter Tart Squares from Canadian Living magazine. But I'll definitely keep up the exercise. I'm thinking it's time to start walking in the early morning hours, when its cooler. And before we have to give our Sick Kitty his daily meds.

This week's step/treadmill tally:
June 19 - 1 hr. on TM, plus some weight work on arms
June 20 - nothing (party!)
June 21 - 1 hr. on TM (plus baking, though)
June 22 - walked just over an hour but forgot to wear my pedometer! I approximate around 10,000 steps for the day.
June 23 - forgot pedometer again because waited for walking company. Probably close to 10,000 steps.
June 24 - only had time for 35 min. on the TM
June 25 - 1 hr. on treadmill, plus some weight work

Hmmm...less walking, less treadmilling plus ice cream and baking? Is it any wonder I'm not losing? But I'm not gaining, either, so clearly I'm doing enough to stay stable. But I must step it up - literally - if I'm going to reach my goal weight by August!

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