Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm going to camp - book camp!

This Saturday I'll be going to Bookcamp Toronto, "...about the future of books, writing, publishing, and the book business in the digital age." Although they're calling it an "unconference," it sure sounds like a conference to me, with lots of sessions.

As of this moment, I plan to attend:

"What is a publisher for?" (because I think I know, but maybe I don't.)

"Where are the reviews if there's no review section?" (Actually, I'm rather surprised at this - are there really people who aren't aware of all the review sites on the internet? So why am I going? I might find out there are a few places I'm missing, and nothing else appeals at that time.)

"At the intersection of video games and narrative" because who knows? Maybe there's a future beyond romance novels for a writer who likes the medieval time period.

"Listening to Readers" because, for one thing, the always interesting and knowledgable Malle Vallik will be leading this one.

"How to be a digital marketing rockstar" - in addition to Malle's session, this is the one that really made me want to attend this. And why I was so happy that although it was sold out when I first tried to register, I'm able to attend after all (after being on the waiting list). I may not become a marketing rockstar, but I'll settle for learning more about digital marketing.

and finally

"The Carrot Seed: A new model for book, author and publisher" - "uses the groundbreaking children's book by Ruth Krauss and Crockett Johnson as a metaphor to demonstrate how the book publishing industry (authors, illustrators/photographers/artists, publishers, publicists, etc...) can use text, audio and video content as onramps to promote books, engage book readers and buyers and demonstrate thought leadership. The session will highlight some of the many creative campaigns that can be found on the Internet including those by Neil Gaiman, Terry Fallis and the KidLit Community."

Okay, while I'm looking forward to this last one, I must say anything described as demonstrating "thought leadership" gives me pause. I'm a working writer of genre fiction; I don't think of myself as a touchy-feely literature guru. I also suspect anything these folks have to say has been done by romance writers for awhile. But what the heck. If I get one good idea of something I haven't tried before, it'll be more than worth it.

Because did I mention Bookcamp is FREE??? Yep, and they even provide a lunch.

I tells ya, it sounds like such a great way to spend a day, I might even be persuaded to join in a chorus of Kumbaya...


Leah Braemel said...

Ooh, Margaret, thanks for posting the info about this. I hadn't heard about it.

I'm sending an email today to see if I can still register. Maybe I'll see you there.

Kaye Manro said...

This sounds great-- esp the free part with lunch! But it all sounds good to me-- I hope you pick up some tips you can use.

Kimber Chin said...

Woo hoo!
Thanks to Leah, I'm going too!
Awesome way to spend the day.