Friday, June 12, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - another plateau?

I seem, alas, to have reached another plateau - between 133 and 135 pounds. Although I was 133.8 on Wed., today I'm 134.4. I've noticed that my weight tends to tick up toward the weekend, and I'm my lightest mid-week, but I've been back on the treadmill and really working up a sweat, so this is a tad frustrating. Again, I can see how people want to just throw in the towel. But again, I shall continue to persevere, because I still have about six weeks to go in the challenge and especially because last year at this time, I weighed about 153. I would have swooned to see the scale hit 134.4. In fact, I haven't been this light in at least ten years.

So, onward and upward as I continue to walk and/or tread on the mill, and also find a place to display my lovely Royal Worcester china.

This week's step/treadmill tally:

June 5 - at least 10,000 steps (I didn't have a pedometer on because we were out of town, but I did a LOT of walking)
June 6 - between 5,000 and 10,000 steps - again, I didn't have a pedometer on (was at Bookcamp), but did a lot of walking afterward (in part because I got lost trying to meet my husband, because I'd written down the wrong address)
June 7 - 1 hr. on TM
June 8 - 50 min. on TM (had to get off as hubby had business call and the TM is in his office)
June 9 - 1 hr. on TM
June 10 - 15,128 steps (I suppose I should also mention the chocolate-dipped ice cream cone I had for dinner this day. As in, that was my dinner. I went for a long, long walk on a warm day...and maybe it's no surprise the weight loss is stuck?)
June 11 - 1 hr. on TM

I've had a really busy week, and even today, I have a to-do list that has 10 items on it. None of these is writing or writing-related, except this blog. Frankly, one of the wisest things I've ever done is to realize that for a period of about three months, I'd be busy with wedding/family stuff and plan accordingly, so that I could enjoy the wedding/family stuff without being stressed about deadlines.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, confession time. I am secretly so bummed about your weight loss. How lousy is that?

I need to lose weight, and one of the drugs that I had been taking was helping me put on the pounds. The doc thinks we have things squared away now, but it is discouraging. And no treadmill for me (hip injury), I have to lose the weight by starving (aka, eating small portions of low-cal, low-salt, low-fat food).

There's a part of me, too, that is totally jazzed by your commitment, however. And proud. Proud of you, and any person who tries to lose weight. It is an act of unbelievable bravery, I find.

Uhm ... why I really stopped by today. Had a question, you've probably answered 40,000 times, but let me ask for the 40,001st time.

If I know a story is good, really good, and it is not being accepted, do I just keep submitting, or turn my eyes to a new project? Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that I really fell in love with my hero, and a few years later, I'm still enamored. (My husband is so jealous. Kidding ;) !!) My objectivity is perhaps, shot, but my agent is enamored, too, then ... just thinking things through. Any suggestions welcome.