Friday, November 14, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge...Day of Frustration

Okay, so not only am I still stuck at 143 pounds, this has been my morning so far: Wake up after dreaming I was on the Amazing Race and for some reason, we were going to have to do a task in a dress and high heels. I'm late and can't find either my belt or pantyhose. I wake up at 5:30 a.m., unable to get back to sleep, because I also have to take the car in to get the brake light fixed and want to get there early.

Take the car in, and it takes about 45 minutes. I sit and read (so hey, could be worse, right?); however, I suspect I may be sitting there yet if I hadn't stood up and stretched and reminded guy behind the counter I'm there. But I could be wrong, so am philosophical (and hey, did I mention it was a good excuse to sit and read?).

Then I get home and hear the garbage truck a-comin' down the street. I have the compost bin out, but no others. I rush to get the garbage, affixing the tag because the city still has not delivered the proper bin (that's a story in itself, trying to get an answer about that). Then I schlep out five bags and five other assorted containers of leaves. I have to dump some leaves from a plastic bag to the proper paper bag and spill several in the process.

The truck gets closer. I have just made it...and then the truck zooms right on by. What the...? Was it full? I peer down the street. There are other containers still unemptied. I hope I haven't missed the collection, but if I have? The man o' the house, who was home but hadn't gotten to that yet, will be schleping the leaves back to the garage.

In all fairness to Mr. Man, the pick-up schedule is beyond erratic. Sometimes they come early, more often it's later in the day, including the afternoon. There's no telling when the truck will actually show up.

This weeks' weight loss decision: I've upped my step count and there is visual confirmation that the long walks are doing me good.

I had decided to have a larger breakfast and avoid the mid-morning snack but I'm going to revert to smaller breakfasts and go with the snack, but fruit of some kind, saving the carbalicious snack for after my afternoon walk.

There was also a birthday in there, with cake.

This week's step count:
Nov. 7 - 14,226
Nov. 8 - 14,637
Nov. 9 - 15,087
Nov. 10 - 13,812 (Birthday, so out to dinner sans pedometer; did at least another 200 steps, so the total should be over 14,000)
Nov. 11 - 17,716
Nov. 12 - 15,379
Nov. 13 - 15,895

I don't think I can go for walks for much longer than these, though, because we're looking at approximately two hours. Last weekend, we got a treadmill (used, so a bargoon) to use when the snow flies. One problem: when I tested it wearing the pedometer, it steps. I'll have to see what I can do about that!

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