Thursday, November 06, 2008

TV miscellany

Just a quickie because my shoulder doth ache. I suspect I had my desk chair at the wrong height yesterday.

Ugly Betty -- Why are they dressing her like a clown? Seriously, I get she's not supposed to be fashion savvy, but unless she's really a dim bulb (contrary to what we're led to believe) she would be picking up some kind of clue while working for a fashion magazine. I think they had it right in the first episode, where she tried to dress fashionably, using a souvenir poncho. Close, but no cigar.

Survivor -- It's never as interesting when one team keeps losing and losing and losing. It's painful. And yet, I cannot look away...

Amazing Race -- Phil's dad! How great was that??? Mom and Son are my favorite team. Two other teams cannot be gone soon enough for me.

The Tudors - already mentioned, but I have to say, it's not as interesting now that we're into such well-trodden paths of history.

Chuck - I love Chuck. And while Chuck himself is cute, it's Adam Baldwin who does it for me.

Heroes - back on track, although still not as awesome as the first season.

Project Runway - I want to go to that fabric store in NY, Mood, like you wouldn't believe. Seriously. Next time I'm in the Big Apple? I'm going. The irony? I've actually been in their neck of NY, more than once. ARGH.

Crusoe - Sam Neill and Sean Bean are the only reason to keep watching this ridiculous show. To give you an example: You lose a ring in a rock fissure. So you take a sizable quantity of your limited supply of gunpowder (although I expect to learn RC can make his own, because he's so clever, doncha know?) and blow up the fissure. Yes indeedy, that's not going to destroy your ring or send it flying way out into the forest. No, your ring is just gonna lie there. And that even wasn't the wackiest part of the episode.

And finally, the Christmas commercials are coming fast and furious. But hey! How else would I know the Swiss Chalet Festive Special is already available?


Kimber Chin said...

I tried to watch Ugly Betty.
So many people rave about it.
Unfortunately I'm too much of a realist to enjoy it (why I don't write paranormal or fantasy).

There is no way she'd get the job knowing nothing about fashion and there's no way she could do the job well knowing nothing about fashion.

It is kind of an insult to assistants to imply otherwise.

Lordie, my assistant on my current project could take over from me in a pinch (as many assistants can). I couldn't manage without her. A lifesaver (and off today so my work life is in chaos).

CherylStJohn said...

I don't want any of the shows you watch! What are the odds?