Friday, November 07, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge - Inches, if not pounds

Well, the weight seems to be stuck at 143.6 or so but I've lost an astonishing 3 inches from around my waist. Not only are my clothes looser -- I had to move to other belts -- but I'm now below the "danger zone" for weight circumference in women. So what that tells me is that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle.

When getting out the other belts, I found the Coach belt I bought way back before I was married, when I worked in a Major Canadian Department store. In those days, spending $50 for a belt seemed the height of extravagance -- and not just to me, because there were plenty on hand when the price dropped (it was store policy that items would be reduced in price after they'd been in the store a certain length of time). So I got my Coach belt for half price (and continue to regret not getting a handbag, too). I can tell from the wear pattern that the belt fit my waist of 28 inches.

Twenty-eight inches? EGAD!

I felt like Scarlett O'Hara in that corset scene, complaining that her waist was no longer 18 inches.

Unlike Scarlett, however, I think aiming for my pre-baby weight is not a worthwhile goal. I'll gladly settle for being able to wear that belt at it's loosest.

Step tally this week:
Oct. 31 - 14,250 (up and down to answer the door for tricker-treaters)
Nov. 1 - 13,919
Nov. 2 - 12,459
Nov. 3 - 12,465
Nov. 4 - 14,142*
Nov. 5 - 13,388 (I walked to pick up my nephew at school. I thought I had plenty of time, then discovered it was farther than I thought, so had to really pick up the pace.)
Nov. 6 - 14,786 (plus raking leaves)

* It's occurred to me that if I want to break what seems like the weight loss equivalent of writer's block, I should aim for a higher daily step count. Time could be an issue, though, what with a deadline looming. And we were blessed with gorgeous weather this week. But the one thing I can't do now is stop, or I can see the weight creeping back on.

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