Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Starting a story

Once again, I've started a book, THE VISCOUNT'S KISS, which is the sequel to A LOVER'S KISS (out now!). THE VISCOUNT'S KISS is about Drury's good buddy, Buggy.

Some books are easy to start, because the "seed scene," the idea that first came to me for the story, was the opening.

This was not the case with Buggy's book.

After going 'round and 'round trying to decide just how to start the story and in whose POV, I finally thought, "Just write something!"

So I did, and for now, this story starts with Buggy and the heroine in a mail coach.

I know I shouldn't do the Regency equivalent of a heroine sitting on a plane thinking about her life, so while I start with the heroine in the coach, she's not focused on where she's going and why and what just happened to her. Instead, she's watching a rather attractive, well-dressed young man pretending to be asleep while really staring at a fellow passenger, or so she believes. She's not thinking about herself. She's wondering about Buggy.

But even then, not for long, because that would get boring, too.


CherylStJohn said...

My October book starts with my heroine on a stage coach. LOL

Penney said...

Sounds great I can't wait for THE VISCOUNT'S KISS! I love your books!

Margaret Moore said...

Hee, Cheryl. But a good way to start an emotional journey, I say!

Thanks, Penney! I do love my Buggy.