Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to the real world...

I iz home. I stepped on the scales (fool!) and discovered, yes, I ate too much pie. And several other items (pop and chips and pretzels and Mini-Tootsies and Gummy Bears). Oh my.

I also had a dentist appointment this morning. Why does it always seem as if the hygenist is mining for gold?

In my zeal to work off the pie, I got off the bus several stops before the usual. I got home just before it started to pour.

Then I had some pie.

I'm just trying to preserve a bit of that holiday feeling. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking with it, until tomorrow, when the holiday's really over, because...I've got a book to write!


Louisa Cornell said...

And you had better get to it because I finished A Lover's Kiss and I want to read the next one!! It was WONDERFUL, by the way!!

I have just recovered from my trip to San Francisco and the RWA Conference. It was my first one and I had a great time. Ate entirely too much food. Unlike you, MM, I am not going anywhere NEAR a scale for a month! It started with a walk to Chinatown for Chinese food the night our plane landed and did not end until we bought Georgia O'Keefe Sandwiches in the SFO airport to take with us on the plane ride to Birmingham.

My Golden Heart experience was just amazing! I didn't win, but I met a bunch of really talented and sweet girls and I know we are all going to be friends forever.

I met lots of authors, went to lots of workshops, got lots of books and best of all - my second book (a WIP) The Raven's Heart won both the Royal Ascot and the Daphne du Maurier!! I still can't believe it!! And both of my pitches went really well. It was just a great experience.

So now, like you, I am back to the real world and I have a book to finish!! I was a princess for a week and I loved it! A well-fed princess in shoes that hurt my feet, but a princess nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Margaret, can't you eat pie and write at the same time? I call that the best of both worlds -- for you and your readers :) :)


Margaret Moore said...

Fantastic news, Louisa! You must be pumped and rarin' to go!

Susanne, I devote myself entirely to my pie while consuming it. I must appreciate the specialness that is pie....

But in truth, I think I'd make a mess if I tried to do both at the same time! :-)