Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mother Nature hates me...

Before we left on holiday, we had a mouse in our kitchen, in the cupboard under the sink where the cats couldn't go even if they wanted to. We managed to catch it before we left and set traps for while we were away.

Yesterday, I discovered a colony of wasps building a nest in the air intake pipe to the furnace.

So today I am late blogging because after my hour's walk in the morning and writing, I had to wait for the exterminator and also clean up the bedroom in case he needed to check the attic.

(Sidenote: Am I the only person who leaves a tidy house before going on vacation in case of a break-in? The one and only time we've been robbed, my bedroom was in such a state of disarray before I'd left the house, it took me about half an hour to realize it had been ransacked while we were out. What can I say? I had a baby and a toddler and I'd gone to emerg thinking I'd broken my ankle. Leaving a tidy room was not a top priority that day.)

The wasps are gone, except for one lonely fella who was flying around the pipe, clearly thinking, "Hey, where'd everybody go?"

The poison is out for mice, and we have a few potential entry portals to close.

As if that's not enough, both the boy cats need dental work. Not cheap, that. And the weeds are running rampant from all the rain we've been having.

Please, Mother Nature, enough!

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