Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reforming your Destiny

As I was on one of my long walks this week, I saw a sign for an astrologer that also noted the astrologer was a "destiny reform specialist."

This baffled me, because it's my understanding (and Merriam-Webster's, too), that one's destiny is pre-determined and therefore not subject to change.

Reform, on the other hand, means to change or improve, or re-make.

It's an interesting concept: You have a pre-determined, immutable fate -- but hey, don't worry! I can fix it!

But if you believe in astrology enough to consult an astrologer, don't you have to believe your destiny is already written in the stars? And if it's written in the stars, how is the astrologer going to change it? Make a few new planets?

Or (what I think is more likely and the only answer to "how" I can come up with), is the astrologer going to show you how to work with your pre-determined destiny for the best possible outcome...except wouldn't that then be changing your destiny, which is supposed to be immutable?

I was scratching my head the whole way home.


Amy Ruttan said...

Isn't that a oxymoron!

Hey! I got the last copy of A Lover's Kiss in my local Chapters today! :)

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Amy! Hope you enjoy it!