Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday Progress Report

So, it's the end of the first week of my weight loss challenge, and here are the stats:

Last week's weight: 151.4
This week's weight: 148.0 (whooo hoooo!)

Daily Step Totals, beginning with last Friday (so today's will count toward next week's total):

Aug. 15: 10,048
Aug. 16: 11,605
Aug. 17: 9,280*
Aug. 18: 12, 533
Aug. 19: 15,964**
Aug. 20: 9,746***
Aug. 21: 10,387

* I worked on de-weeding the driveway, which meant a lot of sweaty work with the weed wacker, not so much with the walking, so I think I could probably add 1,000 steps to compensate, which brings me over the 10,000 step count.

** This was actually too far, because it was murder on my feet. It also took me two hours, which was a tad too much time, too.

*** I discovered at the end of the day that, because of what I was wearing, the pedometer was, in fact, missing steps, so I think I could safely add at least another 300.

Some days the pedometer seemed to add a few, but I don't wear the pedometer from the moment I get up to last thing at night, so I'm assuming the "false" steps minus the uncounted steps will basically balance out.

I'd have to say one of the problems with this method (10,000 steps a day) is that the pedometer only counts the number of steps. It doesn't matter if they're uphill or down, or if you're strolling or walking briskly. For instance, yesterday, my walk included a long stretch uphill, so that would burn more calories.

I should also mention that because yesterday was a celebratory day, I had a few treats, including a wee chocolate sundae in the late evening (about the worst time of day for it!). There will be cake tonight. Last week, I lost no weight over the weekend at all due to treats, but did well during the week. It may be that it will prove to be enough if I can simply maintain Friday's weight over any given weekend.

Today, I'll be going to check out the local Curves, which is having a membership drive, offering a 66% discount. One possible problem: plans are afoot to renovate the plaza, so how long will that Curves be there?

But hooray! Three pounds in one week! Here's hoping I don't gain over the weekend!


Caffey said...

Hi Margaret! Thats so wonderful! I know for me, I always love walking and my hubby and I used to do alot of that, especially in the summers. After my surgeries and all, I can do some, but not allowed to do more yet. Hopefully that time will come. Its frustrating!

I was in Curves before and loved it. I liked the way that moved from exercise to another different exercise. I watch others when it was time to move to the next one, but I believe it has a sound to indicate its time to go to the next one. You go around 3 times. I loved the variety and that I wasn't exhausted out so much with one same exercise at a time where I wouldn't be able to do it. Really I look forward to when I can go back to this all! I really need to go!

Amy Ruttan said...

Congrats on all the stepping!!