Monday, November 19, 2007

Nearly finished!

The Mantle Men are here, putting in the new mantles around the two new gas inserts and oh, my, are they lovely! I have waited a long time to get this done -- now I'm sure I waited much too long! I've been taking pictures and will post the "before" and "after" when finished because...did I mention how lovely it looks? And now the rec room will be toasty warm in the winter!

In other news, I'm furiously working away on A LOVER'S KISS. I wrote a whooping 33 pages on Friday, which was good, because I had a lot less time to work yesterday than I'd anticipated, due to major traffic snafus on the way home from a family function. And my back was pretty sore.

So I wasn't feeling terribly chipper this morning. And then the mantles arrived and Margaret's World is a happy place once again.


Anonymous said...

Just had to laugh, there for a minute I thought that the mantle men were lovely, not the mantles.

In a perfect world, they'd all be lovely!


Margaret Moore said...

The Mantle Men were lovely because they did such an excellent job, especially Alan. The woodwork is just excellent. He does built-in cabinets and shelves, too, and oh, how my little book-lovin' heart went pitty-pat!