Friday, November 02, 2007

Bee Gone

Sometimes, something comes along that is totally over-hyped and over-marketed to the extent that the marketing actually makes me want to stay far, far away from the product.

Jerry Seinfeld's new animated movie falls into that category. I am delighted Bee Movie is finally opening today because -- oh, please! -- now the marketing can stop.

I understand the marketing saturation on one level because I'm sure they paid JS the big bucks for this movie and they want to earn it back.

But here's where I get confused -- for all the commercials, personal appearances of Mr. Seinfeld, etc. etc., I don't have any idea why I should bother to go. What's so special or appealing about this movie?

Despite all the marketing, this is all I can tell you about the film:

Jerry Seinfeld's character is a bee. He flies around a lot. I think maybe somebody named Renee voices a character, but it's mostly JS's character flying around.

The movie's genesis was a pun -- a "b" movie that's about a bee! Get it?

If I were a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan, or simply desperate to get to a movie, that might be enough. As it is, it's not. I gotta have the sense that there's an interesting and/or funny story there. Maybe even, you know, a theme. One character flying around, even if it's voiced by a Jerry Seinfeld, and a cute title is simply not enough.

The result? The unrelenting barrage of ads, etc., has had the exact opposite effect to what they were hoping for. I can't wait for this movie, and all the hype, to bee gone.


Anonymous said...

So you're not into all the buzz around this movie?

SORRY -- could not resist! It is a rare movie or show that makes me sit up and say "I have to see that" (300 was the last, I think)!

Wanted to care about 3:10 to Yuma, for instance, but just left the theatre thinking, "I could have snuggled TV and watched N&S again while he was reading organic farming periodicals."



Margaret Moore said...

What a shame that you got out to a movie and then didn't enjoy it! I'm desperate to see a good, entertaining (ie fun) film. Have you seen the trailers for that new movie, Enchanted? You can probably find one of the web. It looks like a hoot. Plus, handsome prince! Right up my alley!

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

Just catching up on some blog reading (nice way to have a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning!).

As I read your entries, it struck me that your relationship with your daughter seems to be as sound as yours is with your Mom.



Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Nancy! I try. It helps that I had such a good example. :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, checked out the trailers for Enchanted, and hmm. . . . might have to sneak in a ladies' night for this one! (Not really sneak it, just have to set it up.)

Picking between Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden . . . tough call! I think two handsome men calls for a ladies night.


Margaret Moore said...

The thwarted attempts to burst into song make me smile.

I don't watch Gray's Anatomy, so I need to go to find what all the fuss is about Patrick Dempsey. Yep, it's research, I tells ya. Research.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it.