Friday, November 23, 2007

Cornucopia o' Stuff

First up: We went to see the new movie Enchanted. Very nice, very sweet and amusing. I also turned to Daughter and whispered, "I notice they've got the guy in Regency-type clothes." Very clever, costume people! I don't watch Gray's Anatomy, but I can sort of see the appeal of McDreamy. He's no Richard Armitage or Gerard Butler, but I can see it.

Next up: THE BESTSELLER by Olivia Goldsmith. I haven't finished it yet, but I've realized it's making me kinda cranky. The dismissive, disparaging attitude to midlist books, paperbacks and romances is disturbing. I didn't think Ms. Goldsmith was in any particular position to throw stones, since her books aren't what I'd call literary fiction, so that's kinda surprising. And don't get me started on what is apparently considered a "small" advance.

Next, TV. I was reading THE BESTSELLER during Ugly Betty. Not good. I noticed last week that they've noticed that Betty is changing and not for the better. Uh, yep. It's like in a book when the author writes that the character knows they've done something stupid, and I'm thinking, "Uh, yep." If I ever put words like that in a character's mouth or mind? I know I've got some revisin' to do.

On the plus side -- Bryce is alive on Chuck. So I've got Chuck, Casey and Bryce all in one funny show. Sigh...

We've been doing our Armitage Aerobics to screen caps of Season Two of BBC's Robin Hood, thanks to the Armitage Army website. It's all about Sir Guy (since there are no screen caps of Robin Hood) and I think we're getting pretty good at deciphering Richard Armitage's facial expressions. And if it looks like he's going in for a kiss? Oh, the squeees. And then the groans because Marion continues to be an idiot and go for the kid (aka Robin Hood). Yes, in some ways, I am twelve, and I intend to remain twelve, thank you very much.

But please, what is up with Marion's clothes? I swear she was in a Laura Ashley creation in Episode Six.

And of course, I continue to work hard to get A LOVER'S KISS ready in time. I've got my man Drury in a very tough spot at the moment, but the heroine is about to arrive to save the day.

And next month, my Irish rogue, aka Oliver aka Finn, gets to make his feature debut in KNAVE'S HONOR. Between the arrival of Finn in bookstores and Santa, I'll be squeeing even more!

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Kimber Chin said...

I saw Enchanted also.
Saw it with a 7 year old
and both of us were laughing
(though at different parts).