Thursday, November 08, 2007


So I runs out to do some errands, taking a break from the slashing and deleting and overall destruction of some chapters of my manuscript (cursing myself thoroughly although knowing it's all for the best) and discover that -- egad! (and yes, I really talk that way) -- it's snowing.

I tells ya, what is happening to the gradual change of seasons? It's like we leap from winter to summer, with spring about a week long. This year, fall...well, was there even an autumn at all? Maybe a day or two. But I was in short sleeves last week.

Now, I like the snow -- around Christmas. Or if it's sunny. But as the Number One Snow Shoveler in the abode, despite the present of other able-bodied adults? Generally, I can do without it.

And this wasn't so much snow as slush from the sky. AND I just missed the post office pick-up.

I need chocolate. Hot chocolate. Stat.

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Maureen McGowan said...

Wow. It didn't snow at my house... The maple trees are just starting to turn downtown... Not that the leaves have to be gone before we get snow, LOL