Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's the little things.....

I've decided that from time to time, I'm going to blog about the little things that give me joy. I've been working through a rough patch, and it's so easy to focus on the negative -- what's not working and how miserable it feels -- rather than the good things.

So today, I shall celebrate...

Post-it Notes.

Now, I'm going to date myself here, but believe it or not, I remember a time when there were no post-it notes. In those olden days, I used book marks made of scrap paper or paper clips to mark an important page. I wrote little notes on the book marks. (I only rarely write in margins, always in pencil, and never, ever, in a library book. I think people who write in library books should have to replace the book.)

Then, approximately when I graduated university, along came the first yellow post-it notes. They were available in one size and only that color.

Then, oh, then! How they developed. Different sizes, different colors, different textures, lined, personalized... A veritable plethora of post-its!

I use them a lot. As you can see, I keep a variety handy. For a long time, I didn't use them to stick notes to the monitor because they'd fall off, but now they've got a super-sticky kind and whoo hoo! I'm golden! (The two larger ones on the upper left are super-sticky.)

I can write on them! I can use different colors for different things! I can easily find scenes in a ms. that I'm planning to move and put elsewhere because there's a colorful little tab sticking out. I can mark important pages in my research books.

Yep, I love me my post-its.

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