Thursday, January 11, 2007

John Krasinski

I am a late arrival at the good time that is The Office, North American version. My daughter got the DVDs for Christmas, and we spent many a fun hour watching the shows, including commentary. And I have come to a conclusion:

John Krasinski, who plays Jim, is one cute, clever guy. I mean, he's the very definition of "cute guy" to me, including the smarts.

So I said to my daughter, "There must be a gazillion fan sites for him."

"Uh, no," says she. (Clearly, she had checked. )

What? There are only a couple of sites dedicated to John/Jim, who happens to be a very good actor (and reactor) and whose character is in one of the most fascinating, exciting TV romances EVER?

I was shocked.

So I asked my daughter why she thought he was flying under the radar. "Teenagers don't watch The Office," was her reply.

I've never been so tempted to start a fan site myself. If I didn't have a book to write, I'd be even more tempted.

In the meantime, I will watch and enjoy.


Christine said...

Everytime I see an ad for this I want to watch it, but always seem to miss it when it's on TV. I'm going to have to see if I can get the DVD. It sounds like a great investment!

NYOne said...

It's certainly not a fansite, but if you are interested in talking with other people who share your admiration for JK (as I do), check out Television Without Pity->Forums->Sitcoms->The Office (U.S.)->John Krasinski: We'd Climb Him Like a Tree. I don't know how to embed links in a comment, but you could cut and paste:

MaryF said...

I LOVE Jim! You need to go back and watch last season and see the way he looks at Pam! SIGH!!! All he has to do is use his eyes.

Margaret Moore said...

Oh, I know Television Without Pity. I spent too long today reading the start of the thread about The Office. :-)
I did see a reference to "We'd Climb Him Like A Tree." I absolutely must check it out next week!!!

And who'd a thunk Dwight has heroic qualities??? Or that I'd be so upset for him. And hooo, baby, Andy better look out for Angela, eh? Talk about hell hath no fury!