Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Amazing Race All-Stars!

There was much excitement in the House of Moore yesterday, for CBS has posted the cast of The Amazing Race All-Stars. It was as we hoped, although we would have loved to see Momily (Emily and Mom from Season One) as well. You can find them here, along with videos.

The teams are:

Keven and Drew - LOVE them! (met them) So funny!

Danny and Oswald -- LOVE Them! (met Oswald) So calm and charming!

Jon Vito and Jill - LOVE them! (met very briefly) Jill is one tough cookie!

Uchenna and Joyce -- LOVE them! (met them) I'm delighted she's kept her hair short.

David and Mary -- LOVE them! Haven't met them, but really enjoyed Mary's enthusiasm for new places and experiences. "It's just like on TV!"

Mirna and Charla -- Like 'em. (met Mirna). I really admire Charla's tough attitude. And heeee for the heelies! Go, Charla!

Rob and Amber -- liked Rob on Survivor, meh on Amber. But seriously, enough already.

Teri and Ian -- on the fence. Admire their grit and determination, but can live without some of Ian's attitude.

Eric and Danielle -- meh.

Joe and Bill - Team Guido. Like 'em. (met them, and their little dog, too). Did you know they lived in Paris for two years????

Dustin and Kandice - The Beauty Queens. Tend not to enjoy them, because of Dustin's ignorance of other countries/cultures. Also not impressed with their treatment of service people. Can see where the admiration for their "competitive spirit" may apply, but I can't admire it because of the aforesaid treatment of service people. If I've learned anything from them, it's that you really have to be tough and extremely competitive to be in pageants. I'd much rather hang out with Mary.

And now, since I have the house to myself all day, it's off to write! My heroine's on stage, and I'm anxious to get to my hero!!!

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