Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's the little things...

Since I'm still waiting to hear if my next book is good to go, I'm doing more work preparing my workshop. Yesterday, I was at the office supply store getting the handouts copied. While I was there, I bought myself some colored markers to use when I prepare my own notes.

I bought a package of 50 colored markers. In an incredible array of colors. A girl can really go to town with 50 markers. And I will. Oh, believe me, I will! I was, I confess, totally tickled by purchase.

Likewise, I was home alone one afternoon this week at dusk. The house was silent, and the sky was darkly beautiful, with a few clouds to reflect the last rays of the sun. I just sat there and watched. And as I sat and looked at the sky, I appreciated how lucky I was that I could take the time and simply do that.

It's so easy to get caught up in work and other things that it's hard to take the time to admire a sunset, or savor a cup of tea, or enjoy a good book. Sometimes, there simply is no time to do that. But when I have a little extra time, I try to remember to take some for myself, to savor the little joys and pleasures that make me truly appreciate my life. Grand accomplishments are wonderful, but they can be few and far between. The child-like thrill of new markers, the delight in the beauty of a lovely sunset, a hot cup of cocoa on a cold day...these are the things I can enjoy daily. And be content.

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MaryF said...

LOL -the other day I bought colored poster board and gel markers in neat colors, all in the name of storyboarding ;) I love office supplies!

I love being home at certain times of the day to see sunrises, hear the bells from the church down the street, see the sunlight streaming through the stained glass....