Saturday, October 29, 2005

What do you mean, I've got six weeks left?

So there I am, going along in my own leisurely way, revising the first chapters of the w-i-p, and I realize that I've been consuming vast quantities of mini- chocolate bars -- and I do mean mini! In my day the Hallowe'en versions of Kit Kats, for instance, were only two piece of the regular size instead of regular four. Now they've shrunk to near invisibility.

Anyway, I realize it's nearly Hallowe'en (it's easier not to notice when you no longer make your kid's costumes). I also hear it's time to turn the clocks back, which leads to many a mournful wail on my part. I hate having the dark come so early.

And then my wails increase in volume because I also realize my book is due in about six weeks.

EGAD! (And yes, I really do use that word in my everyday life.) Picture me making the Home Alone aftershave face. It's time to buckle down and bring this puppy to heal. I'll still take my Stargate lunch hour, but otherwise? To the computer with me! But "the boys" have to go back to the vets for check-ups, I have to dole out candy Monday night, I've got a couple of authorly events coming up...

Okay, I tell myself. Be zen. Just be zen. You've been here before. And at least the first three chapters are in much better shape....

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