Sunday, October 16, 2005

A TV Potpourri

Alas! What has happened to my beloved Amazing Race? This week, I was actually bored. Yep, I never thought it could happen but as my daughter pointed out, it's like watching some other family's stressful vacation unfold. I never realized how much I enjoyed the foreign locales, either. Please, PTB, never do a family version again, or if you do, at least make the clues as difficult as they were in Season One. Ah, Season One -- a true classic. I can watch it over and over again (and have!).

Lost -- They better get Bernard and Rose back together (and not kill either of them off), or I am going to be one PO'd fan. Can Sawyer have a shower, please? Or even just a hair wash?

Threshold -- I'm liking it. I like the mix of characters. Invasion: not so much.

Martha Stewart's Apprentice: yeesh. And yet I cannot look away.

Ditto Trump's Apprentice. As long as Carolyn and George are there, so am I. Glad to see Her Snootiness get the boot. What an attitude! Since part of my job as a writer is to figure out why people do the things they do, I think Miss "These Women Aren't Good Enough to be my Administrative Assitant" is seriously over-compensating for deep-seated feelings of inadequacy. But I'm no shrink, nor do I play one on TV.

Speaking of such things, and although Dr. Phil's no shrink either, my boycott of his show continues. I haven't missed him or his show one iota.

I occasionally catch bits of Oprah if I'm done my writing for the day, and must say, I don't like the new set. And is she changing her hair style a lot, or what?

Desperate Housewives: I know it's really difficult to have a balance of comedy and drama, so I cut this show a lot of slack. I wish they hadn't killed off Mr. Bree, though.

My love for Stargate, late blooming though it may be and I'm still catching up via reruns, continues to grow. It's my mid-day lunchtime treat.

And last but not least, Smallville. A brief glimpse of James Marsters and then...what? Where'd he go? Sexy Lexy and Spike on the same show, still my heart.


Barney said...

You are quite correct in disparaging the Amazing Race program. I have watched some of these shows in the past, and found them satisfying. However, the latest version does not interest me.

May I suggest you consider viewing a couple of my favorite programs...The Shield and Deadwood.

Obtain a cd set of American Dreams.

Margaret Moore said...

I'd like to see Deadwood, but isn't available where I live. I used to watch The Shield, but it's a little too graphic for my taste -- sort of like Oz. I could only take that in small doses, too. But Mackie (sp?) is certainly an interesting character.

Is American Dreams is the one with the blond who used to be on NYPD Blue?

linda said...

Gotta agree with you about The Amazing Race - the Family Edition just sucks. Can't wait until next season to get back to the old format.

But I do love Martha's Apprentice!