Thursday, October 20, 2005

Road Trip!

My younger sister and I are about to embark on a road trip, to a resort in Muskoka (Ontario) near where we went to summer camp. I have the mini-Tootsies and C2 Coke ready for car refreshments, have written out the directions in BIG PRINT as I won't be wearing my reading glasses when I drive and booked massages. She's bringing the marshmallows to roast in the wood-burning fireplace and the hot chocolate. We're also both bringing DVDs and, alas, work -- my sister's gone back to university so she has homework and I'll be lugging a hard copy of the work-in-progress. We've set Saturday morning aside for working, and I figure I'll probably get more done in two hours then I would in four hours at home, even if I was home alone. No laundry, no email, no phone, no Stargate, no kittens chasing each other.

But I'm not quite ready. I've got a little bit more to write. I gave myself a page number to reach before we left. No big whoop if I didn't make it, but I find setting myself deadlines is one way to keep on track.

And then, two wacky women freed from the constraints of everyday life take the scenic route north in search of rocky outcroppings, fall foliage and a masseuse...

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