Monday, August 15, 2005

Let's give this a go, shall we?

I've been writing a blog on my website for a couple of months now, and decided that it was time to enter the big wide world of "real" blogs -- the kind that allow for comments and feedback.

While type of things will I be blogging about? Well, I'm a writer, a published author of over thirty historical romance novels and novellas, so writing and my life as an author will be a major subject of my musings.

I'll be writing about my life in general, because it's a little goal of mine to dispute the notion that writers are basically glorified typists. You know, we just sit down and type and voila, there's a book! Heck, anybody can do it, right? If only you had the time....

And basically anything else that strikes my fancy, like my recent discovery of the TV series Stargate SG1. Where the heck have I been that I've missed this show??

To get me started today, I'll reveal that I'm starting a new novel. It's a medieval historical romance (my personal preference) called HERS TO DESIRE and it's due in four months. That's about how long it takes me to write a book. I don't schedule my writing deadlines four months apart, though. That way lies madness...and burn-out. Plus, writers have other things to do with the job other than the actual writing, revising, editing, and agonzing.

I'd already written the first draft of the first scene, so this morning, I revised that to get up to speed , and while doing so had a major brainwave about a possible future development with a secondary character. Basically, I just needed somebody to show up with some important information for the plot, but then I thought, Hey, maybe I could use this guy for that. That would be kinda neat. It means this previously no-name minor entity will have a larger role to play, and that's fine by me, because these are the moments that make writing a first draft fun.

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