Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Great day in the mornin'! It's TAR time!

Let the bells ring out and the banners fly! It's nearly time for the next season of The Amazing Race and CBS has posted the pictures, etc. of the racers. This time, it's teams of four with some kind of family connection. So far, I've got the pre-like for the guy with his three sons-in-law. Hee. Here's hoping the team I've dubbed Family Von Frat are as funny as my all-time fav team, the Frat Brothers (aka Kevin and Drew), and not the Bickersons in a bad way.

My daughter and I have actually been "philiminated" in person by the Amazing Host, Phil Koegan, himself, although we have't been on the show. We met him at a TAR party in New York. What can I say? We are huge fans of the show and most of the racers, so we flew there to attend a party with other fans. Little known fact: Phil wears a delightful cologne or aftershave.

Fortunately, I have so far managed to adhere to my writing schedule, so I'd already done my work for the day before my daughter called to tell me the pictures and bios for TAR were up. Excited? Oh, geez! And the fact that I'd had a good time with the work made me even more giddy.

As always, I have to watch my tendancy to dump too much information/backstory into the opening chapters, but so far, so good! Which doesn't mean I won't be revising or editing later. I'm big on the "fixing up." In fact, I'm the sort who'll revise her grocery list to get it the "best" order.


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