Saturday, June 04, 2011

Flora and Fauna and Paint, oh my!

I'm back from the Land that Time Forgot. Like other parts of southern Ontario, it's had a cold, wet spring but summer has finally arrived! And my wisteria is blooming! Isn't it lovely?

We've also had visits from the local bunny couple. Here they are, and they let me get pretty close (although I was up on the deck).

One unfortunate thing about the cottage is lack of internet access. I only have dial-up at present, so it means not a lot of time to blog and as for Twitter, forget it. Just won't work.

I do have plenty of other things to do. I went down with great plans to paint some walls and also do some writing. Oh, the gods laughed! And laughed and laughed and laughed. Have you ever painted paneling? It is one tough job and not just because it's not a smooth surface. For one thing, I needed two coats of primer. I did two top coats on the smaller room, but only did one top coat in the largest room. I did use better paint for the single top coat, though, and frankly, if I'd had to do two, I think I would have given up at the primer stage. I don't remember when I've ever been more physically tired! Now that it's all done, it looks good, but oh, baby, what a job!

In other news, my son's coming home for a short visit next week!!!! We've been watching that new show, The Killing, on A & E and every time it shows a long shot of downtown Seattle, we shout out a hello to him.

Why, yes, I'm sure he can hear us. Why do you ask? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

What's wet? We are in a drought, big time. I've started up my "gardening" again. I have some flowers and tomato plants in pots on my front porch, and I know my water bill will go through the roof this summer.

We have lots of wisteria down here, too, mostly growing wild in abandoned lots. I keep saying I need to take a camera with me someday, and get a few shots, but I haven't yet.

I haven't seen any bunnies, but the dogs have treed a possum the last three nights.

First special ed summer session starts on the 13th. Yay!!! I am so looking forward to it. Yesterday at noon was the end of the regular school year, and I was ready to strangle both of them by 6:00.

Now that my ankle is healing, I need to start back up with the dogs. Lucky seems to be feeling better, and is signed up for a class in July. Ilka needs to be kept in shape and training for trials coming up in the fall.

I need to make up another batch of kitten formula pretty soon, and feed the little "vultures". I am hoping to get them weened onto solid food this week.