Sunday, June 26, 2011

Books and Bats

But first, when I spoke about having visitors to the cottage, I did not include bats! So when one showed up, flying around upstairs, I, to be honest, completely and utterly lost it. It didn't help that it was just me and the cats, my husband being in Prague on business. Or that it was after 10 p.m. I finally found somebody to come out and catch and release the creature. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth it, because the wonderful Marcel also checked the attic to make sure there wasn't a colony (!!) inside the house. Unfortunately, though, that means the how and why of the Lone Bat's arrival remains a mystery. Here's hoping it was just a fluke, because that's one experience I really don't care to repeat.

In other, more happily exiting news, Harlequin has reissued the fifth and final book in my medieval Brothers-in-Arms series, HERS TO DESIRE. I'm thrilled not just because it means the entire series is now available, but also because I really like the couple in this book. Of all my heroines, "little Lady Bea" is probably the one most like me. She talks a lot. :-)

And there's more to come! Harlequin is making even more of my (and other author's) backlists available in digital format. I'm working away on excerpts for those titles - and I do mean work. My new computer can't read my old diskettes (remember them?), so it means I have to type in the whole excerpt. Nevertheless, it's a labor of love, because I'm delighted that those books will be available again. I'll be posting an announcement in my newsletter, tweeting and of course blogging when the books and excerpts are ready, about the middle of next month.

In the meantime, let's hope I'm not distracted by more unwelcome intruders!

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Anonymous said...

Were the cats any help? Did they at least PRETEND to be interested in catching it? By the by, do you know what species it was? Bats are actually very interesting and helpful critters.

I'm glad to hear about your older books becoming available to people who haven't had a chance to read them. I have all of them in "real" book form, and quite often go through and read them again. It is a toss-up as to who is my favorite couple, Ranulf and Bea from "Hers to Desire", or Urien and Fritha from "A Warrior's Quest." Of course, "A Warrior's Quest" was the first book of yours that I ever read, so it is rather special to me.

And yes, I do remember diskettes. I can no longer use my favorite filing system, a DOS program called Professonal File, because the newer computers don't use them. I had most of my romance library on it, and could look up almost any book I had by title, author, publisher, line, book number, publication date, and even the names of the main characters. I also put the synopsis from the back of the book there, so I could be sure I had the right book before I went through the bookcases looking for it (two bookcases, both filled three deep and two high with paperback books).


P.S. We have had a little bit of rain, but not enough to lift the burn and fireworks bans.