Monday, June 06, 2011

Going for the gold for 36 years and counting....

When I was going to high school, my friends and I would play euchre at lunch. The year after we graduated, our friend David hosted what was modestly called the Euchre Championship of the Entire World. The tournament began Friday night, continued most of Saturday (with dancing) and concluded on Sunday.

Every year since then, for an amazing thirty-six years, our group of friends has had an annual euchre party. David hosted for the first ten years. Since then, the hosting duties have rotated. Spouses and significant others have joined the ranks. Children have been born and nursed while mom played cards; the kids have grown up and moved out. The length of the event has shrunk from an all-weekend affair to Saturday noon to approximately 11 p.m. The medals have gotten fancier, and our skills a little rustier.

It has been and continues to be, one of the highlights of my year.

This year, after a looooong drought, through a combination of my partner's skill and good luck, I was able to take home a gold medal. It was an exciting conclusion to a wonderful day of fun and friendship.

Here's my medal. Ain't it purty??

Anybody else have an annual get-together with high school friends?


Bonnie Edwards said...

It's gorgeous, Margaret! I'm so glad you continue with these parties...I recall you mentioning them many times.

Yay you!

Margaret Moore said...

Good to hear from you, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that game! I just learned to play it on an archaeological dig I was on this year.

I just read one of your books for the first time, Highland Rogue, London Miss, and I loved it! I picked it up when I was doing my laundry and they had ones you could borrow and I was out of reading material. I'm going to go buy some asap.

Thanks! -Jennifer