Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to the Beach

I'm heading back to the Land That Time Forgot, where the beach is warm and the internet is dial-up. This time, I have no large projects, like painting walls. Just a few small ones that I hope to blog about. And this time, I'll have the cats to keep me company, at least at first, with family and friends to join me as time goes on.

Here's hoping for a warm, wonderful, happy summer for us all!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself at the lake.

As for a warm, wonderful summer, could we please have a cooler, rainier, wonderful summer down here? Several counties here in Texas have banned some types of, or even all, fireworks for 4th of July, because of the fire risk, and there are burn bans everywhere. Right now, from my front porch, I can see the smoke from a rather large grass fire that is entirely too close to a chemical plant.

There have been grass, brush and marsh fires all over the place, and no rain in sight. We need at least two feet of rain to be at our normal total, just not all at once. And please, no huricanes. I don't want to have to figure out where to fit a litter of four young kittens into my evacuation plans.


Margaret Moore said...

Yikes! Hope all is well where you are! We've had some wild weather, but nothing too serious.

Jeff Rivera said...

It is really amazing how nature would give us so much relaxation and peace, so have fun and enjoy everything.