Thursday, May 19, 2011

Couldn't wait...

Harlequin has reissued some of my older books in ebook format (yeah!) and I realized I didn't have excerpts from them on my website. I decided to correct that. However, since I'd saved the manuscripts on those quaint devices known as "diskettes" that my new computer couldn't read, I had to type them all in. I've also been updating other web pages.

I was going to wait and announce when all was done, but I just can't wait to let folks know about the new excerpt to one of my personal favorites, THE OVERLORD'S BRIDE. The hero of this book was incredibly vivid to me, and so was the heroine. Trust me, that's not the case with every book. Some characters have to be grown, bit by bit. Sometimes, albeit rarely, they leap into my imagination fully formed.

Such was the case with Raymond D'Estienne, although to me is forever and always "the Voice." The excerpt will give you a clue why.

So, with no further ado, here ya go!


Anonymous said...

That's one of my favorites also. I an fortunate to have a "real" copy, and don't need the ebook version, but I'm glad that others who have never read it will now have the chance.

Puppy Ilka got her Rally Novice title this past weekend, and two "legs" of her Beginner Novice obedience title. She only needs one more Qualifying score, under a different judge, for that title now. She was the only mixed breed competing at each of the three trials we've been to.

Then, yesterday, while I was walking the dogs, I took a misstep, and fell. I have a sprained ankle, pulled muscles, and a seriously skinned hand and knee. OUCH!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, here it is the 31st on May, and for some reason, I decided Sunday afternoon to go back and read all of your blog posts, and all the comments, from the beginning. As in from 2005 to the present. I'm up to the beginning of October 2007.

My sprained ankle is better, but my Rat Terrier, Lucky, has pancreatitis. He got sick Saturday, and when he wasn't much better this morning, in to the vet he went. We have also discovered that he is hypothyroid, a not uncommon thing for an 11 year old dog.

On a happier note, the neighbor's cat brought her kittens home Saturday afternoon. However, Mama doesn't have much milk, so I have her and all four babies crated in my dining room, and am giving formula. They are just over three weeks old, and I think I will wean them next week.

I can relate to the computer thing. My favorite program is an old DOS program called Professional File. Loved it, could find all my files on it, and now I can't use it. I've tried Access for my files, and just haven't gotten the hang of it.

Oh, the gamourous life of the romance novel reader. I have to go get Ilka in, because she's barking at something, and it's time for bed.

I hope you don't mind my rambling on about things not related to your original post.