Friday, May 06, 2011

Mother's Day - always learning

Happy Mother's Day! Best wishes and good luck to all mothers out there as we continue learning how to parent, even when our children have grown up and left home.

Or at least I am. I recently discovered I've been making a huge mistake. While I felt terrible when the problem was brought to my attention, I'm very glad it was. I've seen what resentment can do to a parent/child relationship, and it is one bitter poison. I would rather feel lousy today than realize months or years later that this issue had been festering, and I was too blind or caught up on my own drama to see it.

So, lesson learned, and I'm sure there'll be more, even though I've been a mother for nearly thirty years.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too.

There are days when I think my worst parenting mistake was to have kids in the first place.
Then there are the days when my son does something so "normal" I am ecstatic. That does not, however,include the time he fed Ilka a handful of dirt. She didn't think much of it, either.

Even getting a not so great report card from my daughter is okay, because she is mainstreamed, doing regular schoolwork, and I know she can bring her grades up with some extra work.


Margaret Moore said...

Thank you! Here's hoping we all get a sunny day, too.