Friday, August 28, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge: Oh dear

I'm thinking this wasn't the best week to see if I could lose weight while taking a day or two off exercising. Two birthdays, ice cream, homemade peach crisp candies and coke and...

Oh dear. 135 on the scale this morning.

Mind you, I missed three days of exercising out of seven, not one or even two. But still...

I have got to practise what I preach and be consistent! Unfortunately, next week promises to also throw a few wrenches in the works, but at least I shouldn't be having any birthday cake. And I will try to avoid the full size cans of cola. We also got the mini, 100 calorie cans, so maybe I can slowly wean myself off it.

If that doesn't work, I may have to go cold turkey. That should be easier in the fall, when it's cooler outside.

So, this weeks step/exercise tally:

Friday, Aug. 21 - nothing
Saturday, Aug. 22 - 1 hr. on treadmill
Sunday, Aug. 23 - nothing (and oh, I really fell off the ol' eat-healthy wagon this day!)
Monday, Aug. 24 - 1 hr. on treadmill
Tueday, Aug. 25 - 1 hr. on treadmill
Wed. August 26 - nothing
Thursday, August 27 - 12,506 steps (How I've missed walking outside because it was too hot and humid, and not just for the exercise.)

Here's hoping next week, I'm at least back to 134!


Anonymous said...

Hi.Lucky and I have walked for about an hour every morning this week.
I found some really nice vintage Pyrex and FireKing bowls.
Also, for a city that has a leash law, there are a lot of loose dogs. Unfortunately, dog fighting is widespread down here, so you can encounter some dangerous dogs. I carry a can of pepper spray, just in case. We have been attacked in the past, and Lucky was bitten once.
I've started, now all I have to do is keep it up.

Caroline Storer said...

Big hugs on the WLC. I know how you feel. I lost a lot of weight recently, but then it's started to creep back on. Have to go back to eating healthily for a while - well at least until Christmas (am I allowed to mention the C word - after all we are still in August!) Take care. Caroline x

Margaret Moore said...

Walking bonus! Sorry to hear about the doggy danger, though. But whooo hoo on the walking! It really does feel good. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I went for a long walk yesterday.

As for Christmas, I saw my first Christmas commercial on TV this week! How wrong is that? But I hear ya on the treats to come. Christmas sounds like a good weight loss deadline to work toward, so then you can have some goodies without guilt.