Thursday, August 06, 2009

And so next week....

Whew, that Twitter chat was a trip! It was like trying to listen to several conversations at once. But I eventually kinda got the hang of it, so here's hoping they set up another one sometime in the future - although hopefully not three days before I have a Major Social Event planned. Because trying to finish revisions, get ready for a wedding out of town followed by a week at the cottage, and twitter chat plus company for dinner made for a rather hectic day.

I may be relaxing next week, but there will be blog posts while I inhabit the Land O' Pie and Sloth from Pardo's, pictured here, and once again, I notice what a difference losing twenty pounds makes. I wasn't planning to exercise much, but I will certainly be going on walks, because this picture of me taken three years ago reminds me why I started the Weight Loss Challenge in the first place.

Then it'll be back home to both work and exercise. Until then, check out what I've pre-blogged and have a good week!

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