Friday, August 21, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge II: The Sequel

So I did as I said I would, and ate many treats on holiday. Like cherry pie (a whole one all by myself, over three days). A bag of chips. Coke. Ice cream cone (can I just say, the kind I had? Bolero? Seriously yummy!). Mini-tootsie rolls. More coke.

And yes, I put on a couple of pounds, despite the two long walks.

So I decided it was time for Weight Loss Challenge Two, the Sequel. Actually, it's going to be a trilogy, because I have two events for which I want to lose the weight and keep it off:

A Major Annual Social Event on September 19

and I just confirmed with a friend that we're going south during the winter, probably in February. A coupla crazy chicks on the loose! I want to be a skinny chick on the loose.

So here are the new goals, based on my starting weight of 134.4:

130 pounds by Sept. 19
125 by February (and that's the lowest I intend to go).

This week, I've been on the treadmill three times, an hour each time. I've also been out to lunch, we're out to dinner tonight and visiting family on Sunday, so no exercise that day.

I was thinking I wouldn't have to exercise every day anymore, but I think I'll have to try until the 19th, anyway. Maybe after that, I can cut back a bit, because it is time-consuming.

But hey! I'm up for the challenge, because really, everything looks better on you when you're thinner, I've had a lot less trouble sleeping and I know it's good for my overall health, too.


Anonymous said...

I always find your Friday posts fascinating.

Are you finding your mind is sharper, or that your writing is more focused? I'm just thinking that with the better health, there's another plus associated with that. More energy to be creative????


Anonymous said...

I have been inspired. If you can do it, I guess I can too. School starts on Monday, and after the kids leave, the dog and I are hitting the pavement. I could stand to lose 15 to 20 lbs., and the dog needs to lose at least 5 lbs.
I can only walk during achool, because my son panics if I leave the house without him. He is perfectly happy to leave without me, so go figure. I guess that's just life with autism.


Margaret Moore said...

I've had so many distractions this year (family stuff) that I can't say my mind is sharper, but I do find that I'm not nearly as tired mid-afternoon as I was before. And I fall asleep more easily, so that makes for a more restful night, and that has to help with the creativity.

Yes, walking worked for me - but I warn you, for me to do 10,000 steps, it's more than an hour of walking. Hugs to you for having the willpower to even think about getting a workout! I'm sure your days are far more exhausting than mine, walk or no walk.