Monday, August 17, 2009

Now back to real life....

Here I am at my son's wedding. I'd love to post more pictures, including the bride and groom, but since they aren't here to give me permission, I'll refrain.

The ceremony was lovely, although it had to be inside the tent because it rained. Apparently my nephew won $5 from his mother because he bet her I wouldn't cry, and she thought I would. I didn't even get teary-eyed because (a) my son and the bride were just so danged happy, (b) my son started off his vows with his pet name for the bride, which made for a lighter tone and (c) there were too many people around. I got teary eyed before the wedding, when I was home alone, or at night thinking about the wedding, but not on the day itself.

Then we went for a week's relaxation at the cottage. Where the powers-that-be decided to pour new sidewalks the day before we were to leave, so we had to park the car on another street, then walk around the cement forms to load it. Ay yi yi!

We saw West Side Story at Stratford - great show, but I couldn't help thinking that it was a little dated. I mean, the Sharks and Jets are about as menacing as five-year-olds. And I couldn't help wondering - having watched many episodes of So You Think You Can Dance - how a choreographer might update it with hip-hop or crumping. But the leads were fantastic, and I was totally shocked at the end, even though I knew it was coming, so that's some fine theater.

I ate whatever the heck I wanted, so starting this Friday, look for Weight Loss Challenge II: Electric Boogaloo.

And while I did do some work, it's back to reality this week, which means back to the manuscript, me hearties!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I was hoping it was a lovely wedding. I spent that day with my son by taking apart my dryer, and removing a duplo mega block, 3 dominoes, 12 plastic forks (or the remains thereof), and an undetermined (large) amount of loose change from the lint trap. Of course, he is only 6, and aautistic to boot.
All I can add is that I love your books, and what about Charlie Grendon? Are you going to write his story, or leave us hanging?

Margaret Moore said...

I was wondering if somebody was going to ask me about Charlie! Right now, I don't have any plans for a full novel - that's why I gave him that little bit at the end of THE VISCOUNT'S KISS, but with me, it's never say never, and that kiss doesn't necessarily have to mean all is well with that couple. :-)

My nephew is autistic. He just turned 13 and doing quite well, all things considered. It's been a tough road some days, though.

Anonymous said...

Add to the mix his 12 year old sister, also autistic (although higher functioning than him), 9 cats ages 16 weeks to 16 years, a dog, and a bird, and you know what I mean when I say that my husband and I are just glad we're all still alive and the house still standing at the end of the day. Books are my sanity.

Michelle Styles said...

OH I am glad you had a lovely time!

And hooray for the Weight Loss challenge 2.0 -- I look forward to hearing more.

Laura said...

The tent sounds like a good idea. We are worried about rain for our wedding, since we're having it outdoors. Did the tent keep everyone dry? Could you point me to which style on Thanks.