Friday, August 07, 2009

It does seem like only yesterday....

When my kids were little, and especially when they weren't sleeping through the night or napping much (seriously, I had the "nap? Who, me?" kids), I was told, "The time goes so fast. Next thing you know, they'll be grown up."

Inside, I scoffed. Because believe you me, there were days that seemed weeks long.

But lo and behold, one day, I looked up from the computer and there they were, adults.

And now my son, the little boy pictured here, is getting married. Tomorrow.

I can hardly believe it. And while I really like his bride, part of me wishes he could have stayed about eight years old. Once we made it through that first sleep-deprived year, he was very little trouble and often a delight.

Once, when we were driving through Scotland, we saw a sign for the town of Peebles, and from the back of the world's smallest rental car, where the kids were squished with our various bags and suitcases, came my son's voice warbling that tune made famous by Barbra Streisand, "Peebles! Peebles who need Peebles..."

I would read articles about the hell teenagers were supposed to put us through and...nope. Never happened.

I would read about the laziness of the younger generation. Never saw it. For instance, he would just announce he was going to mow the lawn, and do it.

My son did play a lot of computer games. Now he's gainfully employed in software development.

And did I mention he's getting married???

They grow up so fast.....

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Kaye Manro said...

What a sweet post, Margaret. Have a wonderful son's wedding! Take care.